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This Alabama Retreat Is a Stunning Modern Gem - The living room of this lakeside Alabama home boasts windows on three sides that soar to 18 feet from floor to ceiling, offering a panorama of the stunning setting; at night, the owners can draw full-length curtains—which designer Betsy Brown… Continue Reading
From Your Walls to Your Wardrobe, These Pairings Are Instant Mood Makers - Produced by Eugenia Santiesteban Soto and Hudson Moore Fashion styled by Melissa Ventosa Martin Written by Emma Bazilian Photographed by Melanie Acevedo Let your personal style shine by going all-in on designs that reflect who you are—and who you want… Continue Reading
The Nature-Inspired Trends Our Editors Are Loving Right Now - By Melinda Page and Hudson Moore If the past year has taught us anything, it’s that nature is truly a salve for our bodies and our minds. Perhaps that’s why it suddenly feels so fresh and so right to bring… Continue Reading